Yo White Boy We Gon’ Need You to Come Up Off Them Guns And That Cash: The Role of Armed Settlers in the Freedom Movement and Ensuring Accountability

Negroes With Guns

Redneck Revolt’s founder, Dave Strano, has recently come under criticism for a constant and deepening pattern of abuse in almost every “scene” in which he has insinuated himself for years. He has left behind him a trail of financial, emotional, and sexual abuse. Instead of rightfully repudiating and isolating this self promoting white opportunist, his organization instead has chosen to double down and defend him, maintaining ties to him. Even if this hadn’t happened and Strano wasn’t idiotic and disgusting white trash, RR is still in need of serious rectification and criticism. This is due to their status as an armed formation that explicitly expresses organization around whiteness and lionizes a mythologized history of the white working class in the US. All white people in the US are settlers, even their class struggles are settler struggles. This is shown by their consistent betrayal of oppressed nationality peoples’ proletarian struggles which are actually revolutionary in that they seek the destruction of the US as a formation and as an entity. The white working class, when it has politically organized itself by itself, has shown itself to be an opportunist and vacillating element that sees itself and acts as enemy of oppressed people in its own interests. This is the behavior of settlers from South Africa to Israel to Zimbabwe to Kenya. The only way that the white working class can be revolutionary is to organize itself as race traitors, to oppose and repudiate struggle as whites, and to reject the privileges and wages of settlerism. Until they do this, they cannot call themselves revolutionaries and expect themselves to be taken seriously.

White organizing needs oppressed nationality leadership. It needs to follow our lines, our path to liberation, and to take leadership from us. Not from tokens who tell them what they want to hear, but from shamelessly and authentically proletarian oppressed nationality elements. The hood is who they need to listen to. The hood is where the revolution is coming from. Redneck Revolt, as far as I know, has no accountability process in place and is not guided by, nor does it listen to black or brown people. Yet they feel entitled to appear in public with and parade with weapons. Furthermore, they have displayed extreme right opportunism by attempting to counter-recruit III%er elements and Oath Keepers. An armed black person is a revolutionary. We need as many guns in the hands of black people as possible. We should carry these openly. Why? Because we are the revolutionaries, the vanguard in this country. Any armed white formation needs to actively seek out advice from black revolutionaries , promote black leadership and guidance in their organizations, and realize that they’re 50 years late to this shit. You don’t pick up a gun and just call yourself a revolutionary while raping people and taking resources from black people. If they do not do this, they are opportunists, counterrevolutionaries, and derailers of the actual revolutionary struggle building in this country. White people: when a black person tells you to do something, you do it. When a black person tells you not to do something, you don’t do it. If we tell you to be such and such place with your weapon, you will be there. If we tell you to not be at such and such place with your weapon, you will not be there. In the distant future, if we tell you to surrender your weapons to the Party and the People’s Army, you will do so. If we tell you to read something, you read it. If we tell you your line is trash, your line is trash. If we tell you to donate money such and such place, you will do so. It’s that simple. If this is a problem, take off the red and put on the fascist brown, because you apparently think you run shit. You don’t. We do. Ultimately, you will be accountable to us. You are only as revolutionary as we say you are. We’re tired of telling you this. Brother David Hilliard told you this long ago.

“It is obvious that all these little splinter organizations, all these little Boy Scouts and Brownie groups that call themselves revolutionaries, are coming up against something that’s obviously too revolutionary for them to deal with. They criticized the circulation of our petition not because they’re not intelligent enough to realize the revolutionary implications of it but because one always finds excuses for taking the least line of resistance. . .. They must think that the Black Panther party is full of fools, full of ignorant niggers. But we want to make it clear to all the SDSers and PLers, the pigs and the fascists that we have a mind of our own. … We make our decisions and we support who we want to support and that we’re here to make revolution and if those motherfuckers are in opposition to that revolution, then that just means that we’ll have to muster more guns within our own community in order to move against all the racists–be they young or old.” — David Hiliard




Black Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. STL based. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/blackredguard

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Black Like Mao

Black Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. STL based. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/blackredguard

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