Without Power, All Is Illusion

Black Like Mao
3 min readMay 6, 2023

A Black unhoused man and street performer named Jordan Neely was strangled to death on the New York City subway on May Day, the holiday of the global proletariat. The perpetrator, Daniel Penny, is a 24 year old white Marine veteran who comes from a wealthy family from West Islip, New York. The fact that this murder was abetted by the entire ridership of the subway car, many of which were colonized, working class, people, demonstrates the need for power at the basic community level. If this happened in the Philippines, the murdered would have been identified and punished by the New People’s Army, the people would have demanded it and the NPA is the weapon of the people and their Party. The identity of the murderer was covered up until Penny was identified by Twitter users, demonstrating the complicity of the capitalist-imperialist neoliberal system in the death of Black people, especially the unhoused. The murderer then proceeded to play with the people by having his hastily hired attorney to write a bullshit statement loaded with crocodile tears, and the people are not amused, coming out into the streets in protest and being met with NYPD repression. The existence of unhoused people in a country with 16 million vacant housing units is itself a crime.

Reactionary state legislatures across the country are pushing bills that have at their root the desire to purge transgender people from public spaces, and eventually from existence. The fact that the supposed Democratic “opposition” is absolutely toothless in the face of these blatant attacks on a segment of the population exposes further the lie that relying on the “liberal” servants of capital to serve the people yields results. As election season approaches once again we see do-nothing Biden and his cronies trying to hold the well being and safety of the people hostage, using Trump as a boogeyman to con the people into reelecting him.

The Black misleadership class in Atlanta continues to play in the people’s faces around the Cop City project, after murdering land defender Tortuguita with 57 gunshot wounds. People are shooting people for ringing their doorbells. The water, air and soil is being poisoned as the country insists on running trains over tracks that haven’t been worked on since William McKinley was president. Strikes and rumors of strikes abound. War in Ukraine between NATO and Russia continues. Five months into the year, and the situation is chaos. It’s obvious to all that the summer of 2023 will be a hot one, and the question is whether or not we will allow neoliberal peace preachers, revisionist protest clubs, and various shades of opportunist to continue to stymie the inevitable formation of the people’s instruments of power — the main one being the anti-revisionist, decolonial, proletarian revolutionary Communist Party. Struggle builds Communist Parties, there is plenty of it. What is needed is the bringing together of revolutionaries from all trenches of struggle, political education, and patient construction of a disciplined, hardened, steeled, and selfless cadre of revolutionaries, with special attention being paid to the struggles of trans people, Black people, and the militant working class of all backgrounds. Without this instrument, things will continue to get worse. Without the development and display of power, the ability to hit our enemies as they hit us, we will continue to suffer.