Waffle House, Kanye and Cosby

Massa with Puppet

April went out with a bang, as have all recent months. Puerto Rico has suffered the longest peacetime blackout since electricity was invented. Flint and thousands of other communities still have no access to clean water. Prisoners in South Carolina are preparing a massive strike similar to that launched by Florida prisoners earlier this year in #OpPush. Korea has reaffirmed their oneness and Kim Jong-Un crossed the DMZ. We live in interesting times. The role of the Communist is to be a people’s tribune, prepared with a realistic and sober analysis of things both of great importance and things of trivial, trifling nature. It is also the job of the Communist to struggle for and assert leadership in all mass struggles, not through standing aside and criticizing from afar, but by wading into the very thick of things and displaying in practice our superiority over left and right deviationists, anarchists, opportunists, and reformists. These struggles are not just for limelights and media attention, but for whether or not we will see socialism in our lifetime. Maoists must stand at the forefront of the struggle against prisons, the anti-imperialist/anti-war struggle, the struggle against police brutality, etc. Revisionist organizations have hegemony in the movements right now because they know how to capitalize on things and have developed some semblance of prestige through work first and foremost, as a result aspiring communists end up joining these organizations. They’re everywhere, they have parties, they have press organs, they produce analysis in a palatable form, and they practice democratic centralism. Maoists must develop this capacity if we are serious about party-building work and developing a real Communist Party in the United States. When the police beat the shit out of a Black woman at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama, we need to be there asking what we can do and we should have already been organizing in such places before hand. We need to be running water up to Flint, linking up with people, and standing in material solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico as well. We need to be everywhere and do everything, becoming an everyday presence in the lives of the lowest and deepest masses and sinking deep roots into them. Politicization and revolutionization of consciousness are step by step processes that come only through constant contact with Communists. No long rant masquerading as a “polemic” against other left organizations and no amount of theoretical wheel-spinning can purchase a mass base because the masses do not read these things. These things are attention-seeking tools and intellectual masturbation for a circle of well read idiots at this stage.

Paul Robeson

The recent pro-Trump statement that Kanye West made on Twitter is not surprising to anybody who has been following the man. He’s an extremely talented artist, this is why people enjoy his music. He is also a bourgeois worth millions of millions of dollars, which is why he supports Trump. Even though he is Black and thus suffers from national oppression, he is a New Afrikan equivalent of Chinese compradors such as Chen Lifu and T.V. Soong, who made fortunes for themselves by serving as willing agents of US, British, and other imperialisms. Kanye and Trump are united by their interests in exploitation. Even though Beyonce is a bit further “left” and throws in some commodification of the Black Panther Party, her politics are just as non-threatening as Kanye’s since she does not directly challenge the root causes of exploitation, capitalism and imperialism. Beyonce as a matter of fact exploits women in the Third World who make the clothing that she profits from. This is why Communists do our research before jumping on #woke bandwagons full of imperial “leftists” and reformists. Popular culture reflects the class in control of political power and Kanye and Beyonce are perfect examples of this. If they posed a threat to the existing order, they would not be allowed to popular musicians and artists, we see this in how the US government destroyed the career of Paul Robeson, who died broke and in official disrepute because he refused the advances of Wyatt T. Walker and others who offered him a “place” in the “mainstream” Civil Rights movement in exchange for his denunciation of Communism. Robeson correctly refused this foolish and insulting advance. Communists put political principles above all else, even our careers as entertainers and financial considerations.

Bill Cosby, long time Uncle Tom and useful idiot.

Bill Cosby has been trash since the 1960s when he refused to use his platform to support Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party, calling them “criminals and goons” when cadre Aaron Dixon approached him in public with propaganda. He was given a platform which he consistently used to denounce and attack revolutionary people’s movements, and has come to be known as “America’s Dad”. It’s no surprise that he turned out to be a serial rapist of young women he met through showbusiness contacts, this is endemic in Hollywood and television. Harvey Weinstein and others in the industry have been called on similar behaviors but have not been punished because as opposed to idiot Cosby picking up crumbs, they have real political power and influence that enable them to do these things without consequence. The downfall of Cosby in the twilight of his life is a perfect example that no matter how big an Uncle Tom you are, you are disposable and there are dozens of people ready to take your place as ideologists and propagators of bourgeois, white supremacist propaganda among the masses. Again, if somebody is on television and being lauded by the imperialists as “dad”, their politics are trash and they’re probably doing some fucked up shit because America rewards and encourages people to do fucked up shit. But when you’re black, fucked up shit has its limits. OJ and Uncle Tom Cosby learned this the hard way.

Waffle House. A Black woman was brutally beaten and arrested, threatened with a broken arm, and choked by Saraland, Alabama pigs because of a dispute with employees over plastic cutlery at the Waffle House. Both the corporation and the local Ku Klux Klan police department justified this behavior. This is to be expected. Now there is a growing national campaign to boycott Waffle House. A white man murdered 4 Black and Brown people at a Waffle House in Tennessee and would have murdered more if not for a black customer who knocked the weapon from his hands and threw it over the counter. Once again, this is why Communists need to be everywhere, in Alabama along with big cities. These areas have struggling, toiling masses that need the utmost attention and propaganda must be done among them to enable the responses to these outrages to be as widespread, militant, and mass based as possible. Parachuting cadre into communities after things happen with the intent of “building a movement”, which is often conflated with “recruiting as many people into our party/mass organizations without having done the less glamorous work and establishing a firm base of contacts on the ground beforehand along with getting pictures of our signs everywhere”, is an opportunist strategy that seeks organizational growth at the expense of Black people’s suffering. The RCP tried this strategy at Ferguson, propagating Bob Avakian’s ideas, Bob Avakian’s jokes and Bob Avakian’s white saviorism up and down Florissant and trying to get black people to storm the police station (and die). Not a single person joined the RCP as a result of this idiocy and Maoism/Communism in general was spoiled for Saint Louis for a while afterward because of these shameful memories. This is why we must draw lines of demarcation in practice when we talk of anti-police struggle and build a really mass-based movement that is predicated first and foremost on what is objectively best for the people and what grows the revolutionary movement, and we can only find out what is best through careful application of the mass line. We can only apply the mass line correctly when we have been doing work in the meantime, before things happen.

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