Revisionism and Phony Anti-Imperialism: Everything Isn’t A CIA Plot.

Black Like Mao
5 min readJan 19, 2019

The CIA is possibly one of the most insidious institutions in the history of humanity. In its relatively short lifespan, this international equivalent to the equally nefarious and wicked domestic FBI has been implicated, indirectly and directly, in millions of deaths. This institution is responsible for drug trafficking, massacres of students, priests, trade union organizers, and the assassinations of the flower of revolutionary leadership, individuals such as Che Guevara. It cooperated with coup plotters in Chile and destabilized the economy of that country that dared to make moves towards economic self-determination, resulting in the toppling of the first elected self-proclaimed Marxist, Salvador Allende. Ironically, he is alleged to have committed suicide with an AK rifle given to him by Fidel Castro. When a person gives you a weapon, they generally are trying to tell you that you need to watch your ass and use that weapon against your enemies. Allende, unfortunately, did not heed this basic revolutionary lesson and paid for it with his life and the lives of tens of thousands of his people who were murdered under the atrocious Pinochet regime.

Revisionists have the irritating characteristic of attributing everything to external factors. One of the major contributions of Mao to the field of revolutionary philosophy was that of the universality of contradiction, part of this thesis is that the internal lays preparations for external contradictions to interact. In other words, if you get drunk and leave your front door wide open, the external contradiction of a burglar will come in and rob you blind because you have not taken adequate security measures to defend yourself. Things are not static, never-changing or never moving. Everything is constantly struggling against everything else and transforming into something else. When human beings die, they lay the foundation for new life. When forests burn, new things grow in the scorched Earth. Things are fully capable of transforming into their opposites. Bob Avakian was once a firm proletarian revolutionary, now he’s a revisionist and thus a counter-revolutionary and his cult posing as a party should be destroyed and run out of whatever march they try to insinuate themselves into to preach BA’s gospel. Revisionists are meta-physicians, believing in unchanging things. They still see China as socialist because it once was. They still see their 40 and 50 year old sclerotic cults working off old and dwindling prestige from shit they did in the ’60s and ’70s, or an instance or two of state repression, or a famous member, as being the center of the world revolution even after decades of failure to cultivate a mass base and build real base areas for real socialism. They see a once revolutionary Communist Party as a thing that is unable to transform into its opposite. Therefore, when Marxist-Leninist-Maoist students in China are arrested by the revisionist-fascist police, or when workers in Africa rightfully rise up and exact revolutionary justice against the Chinese bosses who refer to them with racial slurs and criticize the sellouts who have sold their national treasure and resources to the Chinese revisionists in the form of back-breaking loans that, when defaulted upon, are used to warrant the justification of port-seizures and other intrusions and violations of national sovereignty and self-determination, they holler about a CIA plot, or “wreckers” making China, an economic and military superpower, a victim of imperialism! Superpowers oppressing superpowers. This is a parody of Communism and an echo of liberals blaming the defeat of Hillary Clinton on Russia, not on the incompetence and stupidity of her own party and the decision of a cross-class coalition of settlers that Trump style pseudo-fascism is more in line with the interests of a project, this country, that they know is dying.

Seeing external plots everywhere is the mark of a mind that works in a counter-revolutionary fashion and an anti-proletarian class stand. They can’t investigate, their minds are frozen in place. Fascist conspiracy theorists see black helicopters, petit-bourgeois, tax kooks see Obama knocking on their door to take away their semi-automatic AR-15, Alex Jones sees fluoride changing the sexual orientation of the amphibians in your local pond. Revisionists can’t fathom or imagine the fact that people, working people, would not like to live under a system of capitalism-imperialism and fascism posing as socialist. Revisionist countries like China and the USSR collapse and fall apart or otherwise transform because internal contradictions have reached a point of antagonism — when that happens things explode. There can be a relatively peaceful transition from socialism to capitalism because capitalism is engendered within the soil of socialism — socialism is a relatively new thing whereas capitalism is engendered every day within factories, schools, collective farms, government offices, and the party itself. The new capitalists will struggle for control of all of these things and constantly work for restoration of capitalism. To combat this requires many, many cultural revolutions, violent or nonviolent depending on concrete conditions. Deng Xiaoping’s son was pushing his dad’s line at his University and ended up being thrown out a window — this was class struggle that the revisionists would call “ultra-leftism”. It’s not a dinner party, it’s life or death class struggle and resolution of contradictions and if it takes a few revisionist little princes being paralyzed, so be it. If you stand in the way of class struggle and obstruct the proletariat on its march, you will be crushed. This is something the revisionists fail to understand. Every manifestation of class struggle or fightback against new capitalists and new masters, they see as a CIA plot. It’s not a CIA plot. The CIA had nothing to do with the Cultural Revolution. The CIA had nothing to do with the proletarian revolutionary line of the Gang of Four (Five, including Mao). What the CIA wanted was a revisionist line in power and this is evidenced by the fact that all throughout the late ’70s and ’80s, Deng Xiaoping’s clique were frequent visitors to the White House and backers of the most heinous regimes including the Mobutu clique in Zaire and Pinochet’s in Chile. This trend began with the center-rightist Zhou Enlai (who was also affiliated with and protecting Deng) and his influence in the Foreign Ministry in the early ’70s and US imperialists of that time remember him fondly as the “man who opened China”.

Even though the revisionists break their fragile little necks defending a country that is fully capable of defending itself both economically and militarily from a crumbling US imperialism that can barely maintain its grip over the Middle East because China and Russian imperialism is much more amicable and worthy of temporary unity from the perspective of the bureaucratic capitalists that run places like Syria, the working class in China and the countries that it exploits are not stupid, nor are they dumb. They don’t need the CIA to tell them that it is right to rebel. When you have a boss that is simultaneously a capitalist but also a member of a Party that claims to represent the interests of the proletariat, or when Xi Jinping has a PhD in Marxism yet has less Marxism in his entire body than a peasant soldier that made the Long March, you already know what time it is. Imperialism is imperialism. Imperialists love revisionists. They’re one and the same. Learn this.