Reaping the Whirlwind in Minneapolis

Let it never be said that the masses of colonized youth are insipid and weak. Once again, we see the masses getting ahead of the tired and weak “Left” of Jacobin and DSA ilk, which remains bogged down in Second International era “theorizing” and worthless “advice” shouted into the ether. Minneapolis is ablaze. There is nothing Bhaskar Sunkara can do about it. There is nothing the police can do about it. They are, as we speak, running out of ammunition to shoot at the people. Rubber bullets are low, CS (tear gas) is being hurled back at them, and they are losing territory to the masses. Expropriation of goods from Target (headquartered in MPLS) and other stores in the uprising zone is underway. Bus drivers are refusing to use their public, taxpayer funded conveyances to transport their national and class siblings to jail. The liberal mayor is being pushed ever further by the forces in the streets, who by and large are ignoring his bullshit. The pig that did the killing is unable to get food delivered to his house, under siege.

Livestreams show how the people are not being cowed by the peace police that show up to every riot and militant demonstration. The revolutionary youth lead, the opportunists get out the way lest they receive a brick to the head. We are seeing the beginnings of the formation of an embryonic people’s army in the streets of Minneapolis tonight. The spark that was lit in Ferguson 7 years ago this August never went out, it caught the world on fire and continues to burn. The images coming out of Minneapolis are being followed by broke ass Black and Brown kids in the barrios of LA, the hoods of Chicago and NYC and STL and Baltimore, and the favelas of Brazil. Whenever people see others that look like them and come from the same oppressed nations and classes fucking shit up and not yielding, that’s a beautiful thing for the people. The streets will stay hot all over the world. Colonizer liberals cry about property damage or call for stupid shit like “suing their pension” or “filing charges” — fuck charges. The enemy will not deliver us justice in his courtroom. We press our own charges, we serve as the People’s Jury, we carry out the People’s sentence, which is death of the entire fascist American system. Justice is of our own making, and there simply can be no compromise.

Warfare is learned through warfare. The kids out in the streets of Minneapolis tonight waging mini PPW against the police know more about people’s war than those who have memorized, but never applied Mao. Application, several mini PPWs, will lay the foundations for our forces for the final war to topple the system that took the life of Mr. George Floyd. They are building barricades, running the pigs out of weaponry and ammunition, and fighting running battles. An examination of the police scanners from the warzone show incompetent, scared, confused pigs. This brings a smile to the face of anyone who has ever suffered at their hands, or had a family member suffer at their hands. This makes my ancestors dragged over here to build this country smile from the afterlife. Massa runnin’ scared, bottom rail on top. Of course, no country has ever been laid completely low by directionless rioting. Bread riots and struggles against the police and army have defined every collapsing empire. What I will continue to reiterate is that a disciplined, hardcore of Communists, a Party, is needed to guide these uprisings and ensure that the energy does not dissipate or get channeled back into the old state. Revolution is built a step at a time, and these struggles will only continue to escalate and grow in intensity. Communists have the task of pulling their heads from books and joining and learning from the people in revolt, wherever they are.



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